Baju Kebaya: A Well-Picked Traditional Outfit in Malaysia

Fashionable baju kebaya is one of the popular traditional outfits of Malaysia. However, it is a very much different than baju kurung. Baju kebaya is a blouse-dress combination of full-length attire. Kebaya i.e. blouse can be worn in fitted or loose form, depending on the person’s choice. A shirt or the inner chemise is worn under the garment. This traditional wear has two key forms; one is semi-transparent straight cut chemise, and the second is cozily customized Sunda kebaya.Kebaya Wisuda Photo Gambar Model Kebaya Modern untuk Acara Wisuda Model Terbaru Kebaya Modern Untuk Wisuda Sarjana 214x300 Baju Kebaya: A Well Picked Traditional Outfit in Malaysia

However, it is a traditional form of attire, but its modern collection is more stylish and chic with a small tunic over a fitted skirt. The neckline of kebaya is joined by three badges, either divided or connected by a chain. The skirt (sarong) is held using the steel buckle and folded over the front. A stole is then wrapped beautifully over the shoulders.

Baju kebaya perfectly complements the traditional skirt and can be made using any fabric. The number of quality fabrics are used to make baju kebaya. Ladies usually purchase costly fabrics such as brocade, silk, and velvet for various special occasions and festivals. Nowadays, fashion designers keep doing modification on this traditional wear and making it trendier. They take all care to make sure that this traditional wear looks elegant and feels comfortable.

You can now even find baju kebaya online in any color, design, pattern, and size as per your choice. This traditional wear is also popular bridal attire in Malaysia.

Baju kebaya is also used as daily wear by the Malaysian women. The daily wear kebaya is inexpensive and made up of using cheap fabric with least designs and patterns in it. Although, the one that’s specifically designed for any special occasion is rich in fabric, design, and colors. This traditional costume is embroidered with beads laces, and various other eye-catching stitching works to give it exclusive looks.

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